Your web site is WHATEVERVALID 1.0

The best validator in the world, because it validates just anything!

Aren't you getting sick of 100 and 1 validators and their different icons on almost every web page? One icon says "valid XHTML", the other "valid CSS" and there are two, three or even more of them on one single web site. Or maybe you are sick of editing your code so that every validator would finally validate it? So here is the solution - universal validator "WHATEVERVALID 1.0" - validates everything.. and I mean EVERYTHING!

Best features of WHATEVERVALID 1.0:

To show everyone that your web site or whatever else is WHATEVERVALID, put an icon () on your web site by inserting following code:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="WHATEVERVALID!" title="WHATEVERVALID!" border="0"></a>

You may choose another color for your icon, by changing the red-marked number 1 in the code to numbers 1-6. Icons you will get:

1: 2:
3: 4:
5: 6:

(icons made with Button Maker)
For feedback or whatever: