Solution to Firefox 4 not offering to save sessions by default on quitting

I had one major disappointment when I installed Firefox 4 after using all the previous versions of Mozilla  Рit did not offer to save sessions and open tabs anymore. I read several solutions online for it and most of them presumed that my Firefox profile and preference data were corrupt and since I had still some other Firefox versions on, I believed it. The suggested solution (which appeared to be incorrect) was completely re-installing Firefox. Which I did.. but, naturally, it did not help.

The correct solution was very simple (found here):

1. Enter “about:config” in your Firefox 4 address bar, hit Enter and accept the warning

2. Find setting called “browser.showQuitWarning” which by default is set to “false” and change it to “true”

That’s it! Now Firefox 4 will ask you if you want to save your session when you are about to quit.

P.S. Use at your own risk – if you have this issue, causes of it may still be different than in my case.

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